Here are links to documents that Club Coaches and Managers may find informative and useful.

DOWNLOAD THE LATEST RULES  - now updated for 2017


 AFL SJ Competition Rules and Bylaws 2017 Australian Football Match Policy
(Updated March 2015)
Laws of Australian Football 2017 



Document for Download Produced by
Parents and Supporters/Spectators Code of Conduct AFL SJ



Document for Download Produced by
By-Laws and Policies AFL SJ
Responsible Approach to Concussion in the AFL AFL
Laws of the Game - video AFL




For players celebrating 50/100 game milestones or Grand Finals, teams may like to organise a banner for the player(s) to run through.  

The following supplier is available but they need 4 -5 day's notice:

Milestone Banners Pty Ltd
Phone:        03 9708 2588
Mobile:       0457 033 762


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