Want to know what the Wildcats are all about and how we approach the development of our game and the atmosphere our kids play in? Read on!

The Willoughby Wildcats Junior Australian Football Club recognises that the strength of the Club community is derived from the coming together of players, parents and carers from all backgrounds to play and participate in the great game of Australian Rules Football.

The community spirit of the Wildcats Football Club is built upon and improved by working together on the following principles;

A key focus for the Club is all in participation in a safe environment that promotes the development of life long athletic, health and friendship skills over sole purpose goals of annual premiership wins.

That junior players - Kids - play sport for fun and gain enjoyment from playing with their friends. All Kids to have the opportunity to participate in the Willoughby Wildcats with no child turned away or denied playing opportunities due to their capability by the Club.

All Kids to have the opportunity of equal time on the field subject to their health and wellbeing – over their ability. No Team to be deliberately composed of a majority of Kids based on a particular background, be that social, cultural, religious or educational.

The grading of teams and individuals to be only accepted in age groups the AFL deem to be divisional.

Kids are permitted to play out of age group to play with family/ friends; to enhance their enjoyment of AFL and sport; to match their skills level and/or development as long as they are physically capable and are not at risk of serious injury to themselves or others.

We ask all new and resigning players and parents to read the AFL Code of Conduct. The Willoughby Wildcats take this code very seriously and expect all players,parents and coaches to abide by these rules.

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