Ever thought about becoming an umpire?

The AFL’s Green Shirt Program is an umpire education and development program that aims to use experienced umpires to mentor new and inexperienced umpires.

Under this program new and inexperienced umpires wear a green coloured shirt to signify that they are learning their craft and are being supported by a mentor in a similar fashion to a learner driver displaying ‘L’ plates on the road.


Who can umpire?

U13 - U17 players + older players + all parents

How much do I earn?

Umpires earn $20 per game. Some umpires do up to 3 games per day so earn $60.

Other benefits

Extra fitness, learn new skills, (e.g. leadership), make new friends across clubs in the region, outdoors, contribue to the game you love.

What age groups do I umpire?

U9 – U11 games (“uncompetitive” games) and once “orange shirt” up to U16.

Will it impact my playing?

No – umpired games will be scheduled around the games you play. Most are Sunday morning


You will umpire games within your clubs region and most of the time at your home ground


Yes - Monday nights @ Lionel Watts Oval (time to be confirmed)

Next steps?

  1. 1.Ring 0406 024 515 or email Alison Levy
  2. 2.Come to training and try it out (no obligation)


 All the manuals, workbooks and resources and references for umpiring development, coaching and training can be found right here.

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