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It was a big day for our Will/Mos boys after 72 boys from around NSW competed for the selection to the NSW Combined Independent School team. Every one of the Will/Mos boys made the first cut from 72 to 36 (poor Sam Austin was ineligible after a paperwork stuff up & for sure would have been selected).

From this 5 boys were selected into the team - Harry Garrett, Mike Read, Kale Gabila, Oscar Davis and James Larkey.

Gus Miller still only 13 yrs old was absolutely sensational and Seb Krimmer kept the arguably best forward of the carnival to one just 1 x goal when played on him, Jude Yates was eye-catching/powerful and all must be high on the list of emergencies. Felix Rogers (from Will/Mos U14) was also unlucky not to get a spot.

What stood out was the boy's composure under immense pressure to kick to a teammate, a huge credit to the training of Travis and other coaches.

What a huge result for the Club to have 10 boys rated in the best 32 in the NSW Combined Independent School System for U15.


As we dust off the footy boots ready for another great season, it's also time to think about what it takes to get the most out of your game. Dedication to training, striving to improve your footy skills and working together as a team all go a long way in achieving your best.

Did you know that behind the scenes, nearly every AFL club has an accredited sports dietitian working to optimise their players performance? Sports dietitians assist players prepare for their home and away games, refuel after their weekly training sessions and help minimise risk of injury and fatigue.

Quality sleep, sound nutrition practices and adequate hydration are just as important in junior footy to make sure your body is provided with the fuel it needs to support the demands of training as well as normal growth and development requirements.

You can read more about nutrition for AFL at the links below:

*         Australian Football League Community Page

*         Sports Dietitians Australia - Junior AFL players

*         Australian Institute of Sport


Lou Capling - Director of Nutrition

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