Wildcat of the month

A player within our club that demonstrates the behaviours we want to see from our wildcats both on game day and at training.

The criteria to be nominated as wildcat of the month is as follows:

Wildcat of the Month:

To be nominated for this award. A player that demonstrates the behaviours we want to see from our wildcats both on game day and at training.

  • Listens
  • Encourages
  • Team Player

At the last week of each month we will ask all age groups to submit 1 player from each team who has demonstrated those behaviours.

Winner of July Wildcat of the Month

Tyson McCallum

Key behaviours we were recognising Tyson for were:

  • Training hard through preseason and into season proper
  • After career to date as a midfield and goal sneak – we asked him to step into a totally different role as attacking half back this season
  • He has adapted really well – heart of rebound footy and known in the coaching box stats wise as the intercept mark king
  • The only place he plays better than for us, is when we ask him to help out opposition, and he tells them he is a forward, and cuts loose against his mates but gives us a competitive game
  • He has also been helping one of his Wildcat brothers in the young age group with training also.

Nominees for July Wildcat of the Month:

Age GroupWildcat of the month
AuskickRafael Aung Thein
Under 8’sGold – Joe Reppen
Green – Nat Carter
Under 9’sGold – Charlie Pobje
Black – Alistair Davis
Green – Old Turner
Under 10’sWhite – Liam Godfrey
Black – Harry Fuzes
Green – Sebastian Oslwald
Gold – Louie Hodgson
Under 10’s GirlsCatherine Mundy
Under 11’sGreen – Archie Francis
Black – Riley Zielecki
Under 12’sGold – Rory M
Green – BJ
Black – Kai Higer
Under 12′ GirlsGold – Lila Micheletti
Under 13’sDiv 1 – Rali Divette Moro
Div 2 – Harry Jones
Under 14’sDiv 1 – Owen Marschier
Div 2 – Charlie King
Under 15’sDiv 1 – Hugh MLeod

Under 15’s GirlsPhoebe Fortrin
Under 17’sDiv 1 – Harry Edwards
Div 3 – Tyson McCallum

Winner of June Wildcat of the Month

Ben Shinfield

Ben has been one of the biggest improvers this year at Auskick and always displays his enthusiasm and a love for the game in everything he does.  Ben always listens to the coaches and tries his best to put into practice everything he is told.  Ben is well liked by all his other Auskick team mates and all the coaches due to his easy going and unassuming demeanour on the field.

Nominees for June Wildcat of the Month:

Age GroupWildcat of the month
AuskickBen Shinfield
Under 8’sHenry Hay – Gold
Raf Mich – Green
Under 9’sCharlie Hill – gold
Glasnie Bell – Black
Xavier Todd – Green
Under 10’sSamuel Clift – White
Oli Costain – Black
Henry Yeoland – Green
Alex Woolfe – Gold
Under 10’s GirlsIssie Miller
Under 11’sXavier Browne – Green
Heath Flower – Black
Under 12’sAlex B – Gold
Sam Jackson – Green
Henry Riseborough – Black
Under 12′ GirlsOlivia Miller – gold
Under 13’sJulian Lee – Div 1
Killlian donovan – Dive 2
Under 14’sMax Berry – Div 1
Dan Cullen – Div 2
Under 15’sZac Gnaden – Div 1

Under 15’s GirlsLauren Kay – Div 1
Under 17’sEd Court – Div 1
Max Baker – Div 3

Winner of May Wildcat of the Month

Henry Charles

Henry plays for the Under 12 Green Team

Henry has been one of the biggest improvers over the last couple of years, this is primarily due to the high standards that he sets for himself at training and during a game. Henry always listens to his coaches and puts into practice everything his coaches ask of him. Henry’s team mates love his effort at the ball and his long kicks, he had developed into one of the most dependable boys in team Green with him giving his all in every game.

Congratulations Henry you have won a $50 voucher to grilled and a family ticket to a swans game of your choice.

Nominees for May Wildcat of the Month:

Age GroupWildcat of the month
AuskickOliver Tate
Under 8’sPatrick McDonough
Under 9’sWill Cassar (Gold Team)
Charlie Pobje (Black Team
Under 10’sSamuel Clift (White Team)
Sam Santone (Black Team)
Hugo Richards (Green Team)
Alexander Woolf (Gold Team)
Under 10’s GirlsCharlotte Tidemann
Under 11’sHarry Kyle (Green Team)
Josh Dickman (Black Team)
Under 12’sCooper Robertson (Gold Team
Henry Charles (Green Team)
Max Sanderson (Black Team)
Under 12′ GirlsOlivia Miller (Gold Team)
Under 13’sJack O’Brien (Div 1)
Owen Eade (Div 2)
Under 14’sShaun Wazjer (Div 1)
Jacob Knill (Div 2)
Under 15’sRobert Mueller (Div 1)

Under 15’s GirlsBridget O’Sullivan
Under 17’sJoe Finsterer (Div 1)
Sean Metelovski (Div 3)

Winner of April Wildcat of the Month

Curtis McLeod

Curtis plays for the Under 13 Div 1 team.

Curtis always gives 100% whether it’s at training or during a game. He wears his emotion on his sleeve so his determination to improve and play well is open for everyone to see. This year the coaches have challenged Curtis to remain positive, stay calm and widen his vision with the ball in hand. He has done all these things and the coaches couldn’t more thrilled with his continuing development. Congratulations Curtis!

Curtis receives a $50 voucher at Grilled in Crows Nest and a Swans pack.

Nominees for April Wildcat of the Month:

Age GroupWildcat of the month
AuskickArcher Bailey
Under 8’sMadison Gabila
Under 9’sMax Rigby (Gold Team)
Glaisne Stweart
Thomas Campbell
Under 10’sHamish Elliot (White Team)
Hamish Gilligan (Black Team)
Henry Yeoland (Green Team)
Luca Olender (Gold Team)
Under 10’s GirlsAva Thomas
Under 11’sRiley Davies (Green Team)
Sam Ferguson (Black Team)
James Clarke (Gold Team)
Under 12’sConnoll Molloy (Gold Team
Liam Thompson (Green Team)
Toby Gregory (Black Team)
Under 12′ GirlsJaime Morelli (Gold Team)
Cameron Gurry (Green Team)
Under 13’sCurtis McLeod (Div 1)
Harry Harper (Div 2)
Under 14’sRory Madderom (Div 1)
Cooper Gregory (Div 2)
Under 15’sSam Lake (Div 1)
Under 15’s GirlsSarah Larkey (Div 1)
Under 17’sSean Netting (Div 1)
Isaac Edmunds (Div 3)