Willoughby Junior Australian Football Club provides the opportunity for boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 17 to play and learn AFL.

The Club offers an environment where every player is encouraged to learn football, develop their skills and fitness, participate in the premier team game in Australia and make lasting friendships. Most of all, the Club’s players play for the fun!

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Age Group

Year of BirthTurning in 2019Team
20119Under 9’s
201010Under 10’s
200911Under 11’s
200812Under 12’s
200713Under 13’s
200614Under 14’s
200515Under 15’s
200416Under 16’s
200317Under 17’s

Note: (1) Players can play up an age group but not down an age group in Junior and Youth competitions.

Note: (2) The majority of Junior and Youth games are played on Sundays with some Friday.

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