Age Teams

The Willoughby Wildcats play in the Greater Sydney Juniors AFL competition (the GSJ). The home page for the GSJ can be found at

For the Season Draw, Ladders and Results as well as links to all other junior Clubs in the GSJ go to the Sportstg site or use the link in the menu above.

Each age group has an Age Coordinator appointed which should be the first point of contact for a team in that age group.

Please visit the club contacts page

Year of BirthTurning in 2019Team
20129Under 9’s
201110Under 10’s
201011Under 11’s
200912Under 12’s
200813Under 13’s
200714Under 14’s
200615Under 15’s
200516Under 17’s
200417Under 17’s
200318Under 17’s

Note: (1) Players can play up an age group but not down an age group in Junior and Youth competitions.

Note: (2) The majority of Junior and Youth games are played on Sundays with some Friday.