Frequently asked questions and answers

How do I get information relevant to my age group before the season starts?

Each year group has an assigned Age Group Co-ordinator.

The AGC will contact the parents of players in that age group, including newly registered players, before the season starts. You should expect to receive details of training and other important information at that time.

Please refer to the below link with your AGC’s contact details in case you wish to contact them.

Contact your AGC

What gear/uniform is required?

Before the start of the season, the club will supply players with a jumper and training T-shirt. Jumpers are loaned to players and are therefore required to be returned at the end of the season. The training T-shirt is included in the players’ registration fee.

You will need to purchase shorts, socks from the club. Other items such as caps and hoodies, can also be purchased but these are optional. Please refer to the below link.

Club Shop

Purchases can be made online through the club’s website or at Gear Day (refer below FAQ on Gear Day).

You will also need to ensure that your child has footy boots and a mouthguard.

What is Gear Day?

Gear Day is held on a Sunday three weeks before the start of the season.

On Gear Day you can purchase shorts and socks and other optional apparel items or collect items purchased through the club’s website.

We also have a mouthguard supplier onsite on Gear Day so can purchase a custom fitted mouthguard if desired.

What does my child wear for training?

Club training T-shirt, club shorts, club socks, footy boots and mouthguard.

What does my child wear on game day?

Club jumper, club shorts, club socks, footy boots and a mouthguard.

What day and time is training?

This depends on the age group. Please refer to the below link for training day and times.  The whole age group trains on the same day/time.

Click here to view training times

How do I know what team my child will be in?

Junior and youth teams will be set and announced before round 1.  You will be notified by the Age Group Co-ordinator or otherwise your team manager or coach.

Will my child get to play with his or her friends?

In the junior age groups, particularly U9s and U10s, we do aim to keep friends play together while also ensuring that each team in a particular age group is as evenly matched as possible.

From U11s (for boys) and U12s (for girls), the AFL introduces different divisions within each age group. Friends may still play together but it cannot be guaranteed, particularly if the players are at different stages of their development. The focus is on enjoyment through participation at an appropriate level.

Who is my first point of contact for any queries or concerns?

Once the season starts, your team manager is your first point of contact for any queries regarding team information and game logistics.

However, should have any concerns that you want to raise during the season, please contact your Age Group Co-Ordinator. Please refer to the below link for your AGC’s contact details.

Contact your AGC

How will I receive communications from my team manager during the season?

You will receive communication from the team manager via email or through an app.  You will be advised of the preferred method of communication by your team manager.

What day and time are matches held?

This will vary from week to week.  Most matches are held on Sundays with some matches held on Friday night.

Fixtures will be available online closer to the start of the season.  You will also be notified of match details each week by your team manager.

Where are matches played?

Home games are played at either Gore Hill Oval or ELS Hall.

Away games for junior teams are played mainly on the North Shore and Northern Beaches. Youth teams may play further afield, including Southern and North Western Sydney.

Can I get involved in the club at all?

Absolutely! The club has over 100 volunteers, performing many different roles, but we are always looking for other parents to assist. Volunteering is not only personally satisfying, it enhances the enjoyment of the players and other parents.

Whether it is ‘on field’, as a coach, manager, runner or water carrier or ‘off field’ administration as an AGC or helping the club with recruitment or sponsorship, there are plenty of different ways that you can contribute to the successful running of this club. And you don’t need to have had any AFL or sports experience to get involved. The club will provide you with significant support in whatever role you chose.

All parents are expected to assist with game day duties such as the BBQ and canteen. Please step up when asked to do so.

Key Dates

Gear Day:15 March 2020
First Auskick Session:29 March 2020 (to be confirmed)
Season breaks:12 & 19 April
7 June
5 & 12 July (Auskick coaches to confirm)
Gear Day:22 March 2020
Fixtures finalised:25 March 2020
Season commences:5 April 2020
Season breaks:12 & 19 April
7 June
5 & 12 July
AFL Rep Carnival:6, 7, 8 June 2020
Finals:23 & 30 August and 6 September 2020