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This morning in response to one of our email blasts regarding the recent fundraiser, we received an email from one of our members Alex Fancois. Alex couldn’t attend the event but read that we had been fundraising for a defibrillator machine. He hadn’t realised that we did not already have a Defib machine at Gore Hill.

With that in mind, he kindly donated some money toward the purchase of a machine and put us in contact with a good friend of his Guy Leech.

Guy Leech has been on a mission to get defibs out to as many homes, sporting venues and work places to get easier access to defibs, following the death of one of his fellow paddlers: Click here to read more

This evening, the defib from Heart 180 is on it’s way out to the club!

Thank you Alex for your kind donation.

Thank you Guy, we are happy to help you save lives and encourage everyone to visit Guy’s website: www.heart180.com.au

And thank you once again to our wildcats community!

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